Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church

Nambucca Valley Christian Community School is a ministry of the Nambucca River Presbyterian Church. 

We welcome our new Minister, Darryl Spriggs and his family to the Nambucca Valley.

To contact the Presbyterian Church office call (02) 6568 1865 or go to

spriggs family

Dates to remember



Monday 28th to Thursday 31st - Half Yearly Exams


Friday 1st - Half Yearly Exams

Thursday 7th - Questacon Science Circus, K to Yr 10

Friday 8th - NVCCS Athletic Carnival

Tuesday 12th - Marine and Aqua Excursion

Wednesday 13th - AFL clinic, Years 2 to 6

Thursday 14th - AIME Mentoring Program SCU

Tuesday 19th - An Evening of Music, 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Wednesday 20th - AFL clinic, Years 2 to 6.

Wednesday 20th - Responsible Pet Ownership

Wednesday 27th - AFL clinic, Years 2 to 6